AASLH is entering a new era.  We are refocusing our programs and services to better serve you, our constituency. We invite our members to consider serving on Council (the organization’s board of trustees) or the Leadership Nominating Committee (LNC).  In these roles, you or a colleague can play a vital part in shaping the organization’s future. 

Nominate an AASLH member who is:

  • Passionate about history and its place in contemporary culture.
  • Connected to a network of peers in the field.
  • Willing to both speak his or her mind and work as a team.
  • Committed to innovation, inclusion, and experimentation.
  • Holds specific skills and expertise in areas of museum or history work.
  • Someone who believes he or she can make a difference.

You may nominate yourself or nominate a colleague for a position on either Council or for a position on the Leadership Nominating Committee.

Nominations are accepted year-round. For assistance, please contact AASLH at 615-320-3203 or abain@aaslh.org.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.